UAE is the world’s most stable economy and the 10th best country when it comes to ‘soft power’ on a global level

UAE is the world’s most stable economy and the 10th best country when it comes to ‘soft power’ on a global level

UAE is the world's most stable economy and the 10th best country when it comes to 'soft power' on a global level

The United Arab Emirates is the country with the strongest and most stable economy and one of the top “soft powers” in the world, per a major global power survey.

The only nation in the Gulf to be ranked among the top ten is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is ranked 10th in the world for the second consecutive year in the Brand Finance Soft Power Index 2024.

Several world leaders and public figures, including former British Prime Minister Sir John Major, attended the annual Global Soft Power Summit in London, where Eliza Jean Reid, the First Lady of Iceland, and Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, made announcements.

UAE a world leader in soft power rankings

The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated a noteworthy pattern in terms of its standing and ranking in the worldwide index. More than 170,000 people were surveyed in order to assess the 193 UN members.

The ability of a country to influence the preferences and actions of different actors in the international arena (states, corporations, communities, publics, etc.) through attraction or persuasion rather than coercion is known as soft power, according to Brand Finance.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has risen through the ranks, solidifying its position as a major global force shaping attitudes.

The UAE has made significant progress over time in the Brand Finance Soft Power Index, demonstrating its continued maintenance of influence and reputation on the global stage.

The United Arab Emirates topped the “Strong and Stable Economy” indicator.

This confirms its status as a model for sustainable economic growth and diversification, particularly in view of its recent leadership’s astute decisions and effective application of a number of sensible strategies.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has effectively mitigated its reliance on oil as its primary revenue source by promoting the growth of alternative industries such as financial services, technology, tourism, and renewable energy.

This diversification strengthens the economy and shields it from fluctuations in the price of oil, while also generating new avenues for development and progress.

Additionally, historical data shows that the UAE’s non-oil foreign trade increased significantly in 2023, reaching an unprecedented level of AED3.5tn ($953bn), a significant milestone for the nation’s economy, despite the global decline in international trade.

The UAE is home to a sizable and growing number of promising companies across numerous industries, in addition to major international corporations.

The United Arab Emirates ranked tenth on the “Internationally Admired Leaders” indicator. This shows the position that the UAE leadership has gained on a worldwide level as a result of its comprehensive foreign policy, which includes advancing Emirati principles, building peace agreements, and bolstering diplomatic relations with all countries.

The United Arab Emirates’ high ranking reflects the proactive and significant role that it plays as a proactive regional and global partner in advancing peace and development.

UAE ranked third in terms of “Future Growth Potential.” This illustrates the country’s strategic vision for investments and opportunities in a number of crucial domains, including innovation and the creation of technological infrastructure.

The UAE’s capacity to look into new growth opportunities in the social, scientific, and economic spheres is significantly aided by this vision.

Additionally, it strengthens the country’s reputation as a top destination for international talent and investors.

Number 10 on the list of “Affairs I Follow Closely” was the United Arab Emirates. Through its media outlets and institutions, the UAE highlights its achievements across all domains and fosters effective channels of communication with the public as well as with local, regional, and global media platforms.

This strong media presence has contributed to the remarkable developmental journey and positive international image of the United Arab Emirates.

By successfully hosting the prestigious EXPO 2020 as well as several specialized events across a variety of sectors, the UAE has enhanced its reputation as a potential travel destination across several economic and tourism sectors.
The UAE ranks third in the Soft Power Index’s “Generous” indicator, which is indicative of its true values and commitment to aiding others.

The UAE has shown a strong commitment to aiding peoples and nations through a variety of humanitarian projects.

According to the Brand Finance Report 2024’s “Influential in Diplomatic Circles” indicator, the United Arab Emirates ranked eighth.

Obtaining this status emphasizes the UAE’s significant contribution to global peace and stability through its active diplomacy and successful engagement with international organizations.

The United Arab Emirates ranked 10th in the world on the basis of the “Business and Trade Image” indicator, indicating that it has been successful in fostering an environment that encourages investment and business.

Thanks to extensive and state-of-the-art legislation recently implemented, the UAE has effectively tackled regional and global challenges that have emerged. As a result, the UAE has made a name for itself as one of the most resilient countries in the world.

The United Arab Emirates ranked eighth on the “Leader in Technology and Innovation” indicator, demonstrating its dedication to setting the standard in these areas.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is committed to maintaining and growing its standing as a global hub for innovation and technology. This is demonstrated by its investments in artificial intelligence, financial technology, education, science, and other areas that support the development of sophisticated space industries.

With a high standard of living and the ability to provide both residents and visitors with a safe and admirable environment, the United Arab Emirates ranked ninth in the “Safe and Secure” indicator.

The achievement in this field is the consequence of persistent work to establish an excellent framework for law enforcement and security, which is necessary to uphold social order and foster a sense of security throughout society.

The United Arab Emirates ranked ninth globally for “Sustainable Cities and Transport” and eighth globally for “Invests in Green Energy and Technology,” demonstrating remarkable performance across a number of sustainability metrics.

The United Arab Emirates’ leadership has declared that 2024 will be the Year of Sustainability. This demonstrates the country’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, especially in light of the significant outcomes and achievements of COP28.

The value of the national brand of the United Arab Emirates surged from $700 billion to $1 trillion in just three years, making it the most valuable national brand in the Middle East and Africa.

An extensive assessment of each country’s influence in the global soft power arena can be found in the Brand Finance Soft Power Index. For the index, more than 170,000 participants were surveyed from the 193 UN member states.

In addition to assessing a country’s favorable reputation and potential for positive change, the Brand Finance report looked at 55 primary and secondary indicators to assess global public opinion and perceptions on a variety of issues, such as the investment climate, goods and services, living, working, studying, and travel.

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