Dubai sets an early record for 2023 with a Dh410 million penthouse deal

Dubai sets an early record for 2023 with a Dh410 million penthouse deal

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Dubai’s super-luxury real estate market soared with the sale of a Dh410 million penthouse at the “Bulgari Lighthouse” on Jumeira Bay Island. This record-breaking transaction for a nine-bedroom residence marked the start of an exceptional year.

The trend of high-value transactions in Dubai’s real estate market persisted, with another notable sale on Jumeira Bay Island on February 1st, where a second flat sold for Dh112 million (13,785 square feet). Additionally, a house in the same neighborhood was sold for Dh67 million on January 30th.

In August of the previous year, Atlantis The Royal Residences on Palm Jumeirah set a Dubai penthouse record with a sale of Dh163 million. However, the recent transaction of Dh410 million at the same location surpasses that record significantly.

According to DXBInteract.com, several agreements on Jumeira Bay between January 12 and February 1 resulted in sales exceeding Dh2 billion. Remarkably, this impressive figure represents transactions from a single location in Dubai.

Last year, significant real estate transactions took place on the Palm, with asking prices ranging from Dh302 million to Dh600 million.
These deals, along with similar ones in Dubai’s super-prime areas, highlight the consistent demand for such luxury properties. Despite any slowdowns in the Dubai property market in recent years, there have always been high-priced luxury home sales that set the standard, according to a consultant.

The demand for luxury homes in Dubai remains strong, as evidenced by the recent Dh410 million and Dh112 million deals. These significant transactions highlight the enduring appeal of super-luxury real estate, and it’s clear that 2023 will continue to see big-ticket deals in this segment.
Luxury demand doesn’t conform to yearly cycles, and there is still ample opportunity for high-value investments in Dubai’s luxury market, whether it’s in real estate, cars, or jewelry.

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The Dh410 million sale is poised to make waves as it sets a new benchmark for Dubai penthouse prices. With several more expensive penthouses on the market, attracting significant interest from potential buyers, industry sources anticipate multiple penthouse sales surpassing Dh200 million before summer. The luxury real estate market in Dubai continues to thrive, drawing attention and demand for exclusive properties.

Protection of capital

In addition to the array of advantages these properties present, foreign investors highly value the stability offered by the UAE market. The focus on stability and security was paramount for global investors in 2022, and this theme is expected to persist and resonate throughout Dubai in 2023. The consistent and reliable market environment of the UAE further enhances its appeal to international investors.

“Luxury home deals in Dubai are still being concluded, including those involving new investors. The global prominence of Dubai and the UAE remains strong, reflecting a positive outlook in these past two years.”

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