Dubai offers digital Golden Visa for Dh2M property investment.

Dubai offers digital Golden Visa for Dh2M property investment.

Property Investment

Investors now have the opportunity to secure a Golden Visa by participating in Dubai real estate ventures through crowdfunding. However, a minimum deposit of Dh2 million or more is still required.

Stake, a proptech startup, has introduced an innovative approach to offer Golden Visa options to investors. Through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) registered with the Dubai International Financial Centre, investors can join the platform and invest a minimum of Dh2 million or more.

This initiative enables Dubai investors to apply for a Golden Visa using a digital investment platform, marking the first time such an opportunity is available to them.

What is different with this investment?

Stake offers the following advantages:

Residency flexibility: Investors are not limited to a specific place of residence to be eligible for the Golden Visa through Stake, as long as they meet the minimum investment requirement of Dh2 million.

Diversified investment: Rather than investing the entire Dh2 million in a single property, Stake enables clients to allocate their investment across multiple properties in their preferred regions of Dubai.

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