Arabian Ranches 3

Arabian Ranches 3 Overview

Arabian Ranches 3, nestled within the expansive landscape of Dubailand, stands as a testomony to Emaar Properties’ commitment to luxury dwelling. Launched in 2019 as the latest addition to the esteemed Arabian Ranches own family, this gated villa network offers an first rate combination of exclusivity and connectivity. Boasting a collection of meticulously crafted villas, Arabian Ranches 3 affords a haven for the ones looking for opulent living areas in Dubai. Divided into wonderful sub-groups, every enclave inside this improvement exudes its very own charm and allure, catering to the various possibilities of citizens. With villas for sale in Arabian Ranches 3, discerning consumers are presented with an extraordinary possibility to immerse themselves within the epitome of present day beauty and class.

The Lifestyle

Arabian Ranches 3 gives a serene, family-oriented lifestyle amidst lush landscapes and upscale services. Residents experience a plethora of outdoor sports, which includes strolling paths, tennis courts, and swimming pools, fostering an energetic network spirit. The Central Park offers a hub for pastime, while the equestrian center and golf route cater to enthusiasts. 

Vibrant network activities and clubs foster connections among residents, growing a multicultural tapestry of stories. Luxurious facilities including a clubhouse, shops, and a mosque ensure comfort and luxury. However, its suburban area requires commuting, and better living charges may be a attention. Ongoing construction can also intermittently disrupt the tranquil ambiance.

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The Sun Townhouses

Sun Arabian Ranches 3 is a gated residential community boasting five entry points strategically positioned throughout the neighborhood. Situated between Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Emirates Road, Sun Arabian Ranches 3 enjoys proximity to key destinations like Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport, and Dubai Hills Mall.


Nestled within the circle of relatives-centric community of Arabian Ranches, RUBA at Arabian Ranches III resides amidst gated, green residential enclaves. Situated simply in Dubai’s coronary heart, it presents seamless get admission to to renowned locations like Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport. you’ll find 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses for sale in Arabian Ranches 3 with  compelling prices.

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Spring is situated in one of Dubai’s biggest gated communities, right by the entrance. This means you have quick access to major roads like Emirates Road and Academic Road, as well as several new highways, making it easy to get around town.


JOY is a gated community located between Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Emirates Road, with five entry points spread around the area. It’s a perfect place for families, offering plenty of fitness facilities, a fun clubhouse, and parks to make lasting memories.

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Anya is a charming neighborhood of townhouses nestled in an idyllic gated community, offering a picturesque setting connected to nature’s beauty. Perfect for family-oriented living, Anya features lush greenery and expansive open spaces, accompanied by top-notch leisure and recreational facilities.

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Types Of Villas for Sale in Arabian Ranches 3

Arabian Ranches offers a range of villas for sale, catering to different family sizes and preferences. From cozy 2-bedroom homes to spacious 7-bedroom mansions, there’s something for everyone in its self-contained sub-communities.

2-bedroom villas, like those in Al Reem, provide a snug living space surrounded by lush landscapes, with an average size of 1,961 sq. ft. For more space, 3-bedroom villas in areas like Saheel and Palmera offer an average size of 2,923 sq. ft.

Families looking for larger homes can opt for 4-bedroom villas in Mirador and Al Mahra, with an average size of 3,778 sq. ft. For even more luxury, 5-bedroom villas in Hattan and Alvorada offer generous living spaces averaging 4,946 sq. ft.

6-bedroom villas in areas like Terra Nova offer ample room with an average size of 5,964 sq. ft. And for those seeking ultimate luxury, 7-bedroom villas in Hills Grove boast an average size of 10,011 sq. ft.


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