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Arabian Ranches 1 Overview

One of the first suburban freehold neighbourhoods in Dubai, Arabian Ranches, sometimes known as “The Ranches,” allows ex-pats to realise their dream of owning a villa in Arabian Ranches 1. The Arabian Ranches Golf Club is located in this golf development. According to Bayut’s Annual Property Market Report for Dubai 2021, Arabian Ranches consistently rank at the top of lists of the most popular places to rent and buy luxury villas in Dubai. This area guide examines how living there emanates a sense of communal living.

The Lifestyle

In contrast to the busy city, Arabian Ranches is noted for its peaceful desert surroundings and luxurious mansions. The benefits of the expansive gated community don’t stop there, though. They also include nearby significant landmarks, convenient retail centres, and first-rate services and amenities.

The Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club and the Arabian Ranches Golf Club are both located just steps away from the Luxury Villas & apartments in Arabian Ranches.

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Alma 1

Alma 1, a gated neighbourhood within Arabian Ranches in Dubai, is located to the development’s north and is not far from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311).

Alma 2

Alma 2 is a sub-community of Arabian Ranches, Dubai. Alma 2 shares features with the larger Arabian Ranches neighborhood, such as playgrounds for kids, parks and open areas, a polo and equestrian club, a retail center, and swimming pools.

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Al Mahra

Al Mahra is a sub-community of Arabian Ranches, Dubai. Al Mahra features, such as playgrounds for kids, parks and open areas, a polo and equestrian club, a retail centre, and swimming pools, are shared with the larger Arabian Ranches neighbourhood.

Al Reem 1

Al Reem is a part of Arabian Ranches, a freehold neighbourhood built by Emaar Properties outside of Dubai. The largest enclave in Arabian Ranches, Al Reem was started in 2005 and finished in 2007. Al Reem 1, Al Reem 2, and Al Reem 3 comprise it.

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Reem 2

One of the three residential clusters in Al Reem, Arabian Ranches, is called Al Reem 2. The master community at Emaar includes sports courts, family playgrounds, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and other recreational amenities.

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Types of Villas Available for Sale in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is a popular villa community in Dubai offering a variety of types of villas to suit different needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of villas for sale in Arabian Ranches:

By Type:

Standalone Villas: These are detached villas with private gardens and pools, offering the most privacy and space.

Townhouses: These are semi-detached villas that share walls with one or two other units. They are generally more affordable than standalone villas and offer a good balance of privacy and space.

Signature Villas: These are luxurious villas with unique designs and features, offering the ultimate in luxury living.

By Size:

3-bedroom villas: These are ideal for small families or couples.
4-bedroom villas: These are popular with families with children.
5-bedroom villas: These are perfect for large families or those who want extra space.
6-bedroom villas: These are the largest villas available and are ideal for extended families or those who entertain frequently.

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